For us at the Bluff, gift-giving is nothing short of an art form. Selecting the perfect gift does more than check a name off a list—it colorfully expresses how we feel about those who make our spirits bright and just how well we really know them. The characters in our lives are not mass-produced and don’t belong in any one-size-fits-all box, so the gifts we give them should be equally as wild, wonder-filled, and full of warmth. We’ve curated our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide to reflect the passions, pastimes, and endearing peculiarities that make our loved ones so lovable. Full of items with uncommon intrigue made by some of our favorite Southern makers and new artists to watch, this is a list of gifts to remember for the characters you’ll never forget.


For The Sporting Sort

From hunting and fishing to bird-watching, this special breed always keeps their eyes on the prize. Level up their aim game this holiday season.

  1. Smart Call
    Woodhaven The Legend
    Slate Turkey Call
    Heflin, Alabama – $95
    For the hunter who likes to call
    the shots, here’s a call that won’t
    let them down.


  1. Hey, Good Lookin’
    Canon Image Stabilizer Binoculars
    Arlington, Virginia – $850
    Whether they’re studying wildlife on the banks of the Bluff or eyeing a target, these stabilizing binoculars will keep them steady.


  1. Shoot For The Moon
    Satchel Gun Case
    Savannah, Georgia – $550
    This leather gun case will keep your sharpshooter looking sharp.


  1. A Cut Above
    Williams Knife Company Generation 1 Folding Knife
    John’s Island, South Carolina – $150
    From the woods to the water, this handcrafted legacy knife is the go-to companion they’ll keep forever.


For the Wild at Heart

Whether they’re on the trail or reliving their discoveries through tall tales, every moment with them is an adventure. This holiday, find the way to their hearts with a road less traveled.


  1. Gotta Fly
    Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods
    Blue Ridge, Georgia – $2,390
    Hand-engraved by Bill Oyster, these custom fly rods are the perfect catch
    for your fisherman.


  1. Wood Vibes Only
    We Took To The Woods Candle
    Greenville, South Carolina – $42
    The Pines by the Sea candle will fill
    their home with a warmly familiar
    coastal pine tree scent.


  1. Paddle Up, Partner

Three Brothers Boards
Blondie Paddleboard
Daytona Beach, Florida – $1,350
From winding the May River to traversing uncharted destinations,
just imagine the stories this handmade paddleboard will tell.


  1. Get Some Air
    Charleston, South Carolina – $130+
    They may have surfed the waters, but have they surfed the air? Combine surfing with swinging and send your explorer to new heights.


For The Tribe And True

They never meet a stranger. They keep the family history. And they never forget a birthday. Because family and community are everything, give them more than a little something.


  1. Bow Wow
    Savannah Jack’s Custom Nautical Chart Pet Bed
    Savannah, Georgia – $75
    When we say family, we mean the whole family. Customize these cozy dog beds with a meaningful nautical chart and send their fur baby sailing on sweet dreams.


  1. Slice Of Life
    Emily McCarthy Custom Cutting Board
    Savannah, Georgia – $75+
    A one-of-a-kind monogrammed cutting board makes every family recipe even more personal.


  1. Game On
    Matthias Kaupermann Signature
    Compact Cornhole
    Charleston, South Carolina – $995
    Outside, inside, or on the go, these compact heirloom-quality cornhole boards are a crowd pleaser.

for the hosts with the most

In true Lowcountry fashion, their doors are always open. This holiday, celebrate them by keeping the good food and good times rolling.


  1. Break Bread
    Jery’s Baskets Sweet Grass
    Traditional Bread Basket
    St. Helena, South Carolina – $170
    For serving homemade treats with a piece of history, these sweetgrass baskets celebrate Gullah heritage and are each handwoven by artist Jery Bennett Taylor.


  1. Good Cheers

Bittermilk Jar Bar
Charleston, South Carolina – $105
Perfect for their well-attended holiday parties, this bar in a jar makes sure every guest gets a taste of festive flair.


  1. En Vogue Views

Classic Palmetto Silk Scarf
By Jessica O’Neill
New Orleans, Louisiana – $250
This Italian-made scarf was painted by Louisiana artist Jessica O’Neill during her time in the Lowcountry, producing an elegant accessory that keeps the landscape with them.


  1. Dig In
    Sea Island Forge Oyster Knife
    Sea Island, Georgia – $100
    From experienced shuckers to novices, these oyster knives will help their guests take in a signature taste of Lowcountry culture.
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